about us

we curate the world’s ecofriendly and egofriendly everyday products and make them universally accessible.

we exist to empower humans for conscious commerce. cause we strive for a circular society that values its fellow beings and lives in harmony with its environment. we name this new normal. 

we celebrate creativity, openness, diversity, and goodness.

we aim to be a happy place - both digital and in reality - where diverse brands and individuals are welcome and join forces for good.

we’re committed to sharing the most ethical and aesthetical everyday products and hope you will join us in shaping the new normal. 

we are not bound by the conventional. 

we always value the tribe over ego.

we look on problems systematically.

we aim to cause no unnecessary harm.

we do business to protect the planet.

we grow our business sustainably.

why we are not using upper case letters? 

we believe less is better.

about our marketplace

we please our vendors to showcase each products characteristics according the Cradle to Cradle™ evaluation criteria on our marketplace

# material health 

# material reutilization

# renewable energy 

# water stewardship

# social fairness 

if you want to request a verification of a vendors product characteristic please message us vendor@newnormal.eco

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about our founders

as we both became dads almost simultaneously we became even more aware about what kind of earth are we going to leave our children. And more: Is our daily behavior contributing enough to ensure a healthy planet for our children and their children and all people of children? 
The honest answer was (and is still): No! 

Since that we asked ourselves why? And started our journey which is now called "new normal". At the very beginning we conducted a pan-european research among our closest friends to dig deeper about us. millennials with the consequent purpose of saving our planet but the inconsequence in some daily behavior. And we learned that 100% sustainable performance is not the right approach to change human behaviors. Consciousness should be the better approach. We also learned that mostly all of our friends trapped in an Intention-Action-Gap as we had been, too. We thought about a solution to act eco- and egofriendly without compromising on our daily lifestyle. So hows about a change in consumption towards circularity instead of chaining yourself to a tree?Fantastic! 

A marketplace to only shop everday products designed to support a circular economy. A marketplace not only to shop these products but also re-sell, recycle, refurbish, rent, and many other services we will launch in the future. A business that promotes circular thinking and conscious consumption. A start-up that partners with companys, brands and institutions for the better. A movement of likeminded individuals for #closingtheloop. 

And being co-founders is like being parents of a newborn business, and as such, we spend countless hours working together with our amazing team in order to see that our business become successful. that closes the loop, a newborn business for our newborns. We are commited to grow them up. Together we can #closingtheloop and make circularity the new normal.